søndag den 25. juli 2010

Tuff Stuff

The Carousel

 Here is a little teaser from my most resent movie "First".
A short film animation dealing  with the conflicts of being in-between childhood and adolescence.
‘It is especially at this fragile stage between childhood and youth that ones sexuality and gender awareness starts to kick in, or rather is imposed on the child by the surrounding society. A state where creating a gender based identity might seem to be a necessity – or a natural consequence of life – rather than a possibility amongst other possibilities. In connection with adolescence we often talk of “growing up” and hereby implying that the child progresses by adapting an understanding of gender and sexuality, based on rules and norms as prescribed by the society. In this process we expect teenagers to mime the existing norms of the adult world, instead of encouraging them to find their own ways navigation and identification.

In this clip The Blazing Cherries has let me use their song "The Carousel".
To learn more about the band and the Cabaret Red Light check out their homepage : http://www.cabaretredlight.com/


The Carousel from sif westerberg on Vimeo.