lørdag den 8. november 2014

Seepage through saturated porous media, Westwerk, Hamburg

Galleristerne, DR1

Catch a glimpse of me, explaining some of my works to gallerist Martin Asbæk on DR1

onsdag den 25. juni 2014

Afgang Charlottenborg 2014

søndag den 25. maj 2014

Afgang Charlottenborg 2014

Post affirmative society, post food chains, post supermarket chains, post factories, post traffic jams, post efficiency, post maternity leave, post extended office hours, post home investments, post GMO cornfields, post bioengineering, post crisis, post cancer, post assaulted personal sphere, post creative management, post trippleshot hazelnut macchiato on the go, post elevators, post radiation, post fossil fuels, post economic growth spurt, post convulsive beauty, post Global Warming, post forever young, post Fuck For Forrest, post conscious consumerism, post 9 to 5 your way out of this, post Fairtrade Organic Pineapple in January, post Yoga, post H2O, post MegaMass 4000, post back to basics attempts, post working class heroes, post democratic warfare, post the rising of the masses, post NATO, post EU, post ergodynamic footwear, post white mans burden, post first world problems, post joined armed forces, post lip on lip action, post Greener City advocates, post lifeboats, post borders, post nations, post baked goods, post sunscreen, post implosion, post collapse, post work related hazards from sitting all day long, post bureaucratic release forms, post obesity epidemics, post public restrooms, post private property, post Collective Commons, post surplus value, post Slothism, post military, post post la petit mort, post mass extinction, post banana chocolate chip dairy ice cream, post monumental promises, post ecliptic architecture, post politicians, post liposuction, post famen, post Arctic, post Real Estate, post Lotto, post redemption, post retreat, post all you can eat seafood buffet, post holocaustic chicken farming, post human, post Office.

Entering the Antropocene

Negative monument in the making // Punkter til optegnelse og arkivering // Kunstakademiet udstiller // Farum Kulturhus